How Brandi Maxiell Forgave Her Husband After Cheating Over 50+

Brandi Maxiell July 21, 2022


DeDe (@dedeinthemorning) gets right to it and digs deep into Brandi Maxiell’s life (@brandimaxiell) from Basket Ball Wives LA 👥 She stopped by to talk about marriage, forgiveness and what she likes and dislikes about being on @BasketballWives

Ladies if you are needing some good words to get through your own relationship issues.. Take some advice on how to take your man back after cheating over 50+ times in this episode. It might help 🙏🏾

(Thank you Brandi for being your beautiful real self and getting raw with us! ….and THANK YOU ALL for supporting @dedesdopepodcast!🙏🏾😘)

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